The Ambiguous Demon (Complete)

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The Ambiguous Demon (Complete)

Post by Snosoul on Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:45 pm


Hunter Form (Used while Hunting to hide Identity):

Name: Jun Katsumi
Age: 19
Gender: ????? (Nobody can tell)
Alignment: Antagonist

Numbers: Number 22: Zombiestein, Number 23: Lancelot, Ghost Knight of the Underworld, Number 84: Pain Gainer (Will later develop Baal Zebul, Ravenous Tarantula, Deadly Sin and The Seven Sins)
Ace Monster: Darklord Zerato
Deck Description: Darklords, the power of fallen angels given form. All will fall before the Dark Contract, and his Unholy servants. Zombiestein and Lancelot, both are enslaved servants of darkness who are bound by their masters will. All serve the Dark Lords, and those who do not soon will. High powered monsters, large and powerful Demons, and a few dark servants make up the major forces, while the magic and traps support and protect their dark masters.
[Link to Deck List]

Character Skill: Contract with the Fallen King Juns Contract with Lucifer causes them to start with 6000 Life Points. At the start of Jun's turn, They must Excavate the top two cards of their deck. If there is a Darklords card among them they may choose up to 1 Darklords card and send it to the graveyard. If they do, they gain 500 life points. Any remaining cards are placed on the top or bottom of the deck. Darkness Rising Every Three times that Contract with the Fallen King triggers successfully, Jun gains a Darkness Rising Charge. Jun can then target a Darklord in the Graveyard and special summon it in Face-up Defense Mode. This consumes the Charge, and the Charge fades if not used The End Phase. Darkness Cannot be Stopped When Jun would summon Darklord Lucifer, this skill activates. The Summon of all Darklord monsters for the remainder of this turn cannot be negated. In addition, Darklord Lucifer is unaffected by all of the opponents card effects until the end of the opponents next turn, but cannot attack the turn he is summoned.  Eternal Ambiguity For some reason, Jun's gender is completely unknown and undiscoverable. All attempts to do so fail, and Jun gets rather violent when someone asks. Part of the Contract?

Personality: A quiet and surprisingly friendly being, talking softly and calmly most times, but shy when meeting new people. Jun doesn't like crowds, but someone who earns Jun's trust will get Jun's willingness to talk. In a duel though, the Contract takes hold of Jun, turning Jun into a darker being, Calm but cruel, taking pleasure in the hunt, giving opponents the vestiges of hope, before taking it away. However, Jun refuses to go after the people that have taken the time to get to know the Ambiguous little Demon, hoping they never find out about the darker side.

Biography: Jun has survived... that's all that the poor kid could remember, Survived, fought, clawed for hope. Then one day, Jun found that hope, Offered power from a shadowy being in exchange for freedom. Jun Knew it was too good to be true, but saw no other options. Jun took this power and, though they knew it was dangerous, fought hard to gather souls for the sake of Jun's new Dark Master. Jun had decided after that, to not let friendships tie them down to much, but still must rely on others for the sake of survival at times. Still, the Dark Lord whispers in Jun's ear, and whenever the call for the hunt sounds, Jun answers without fail. (Small note, the little Mini-Jun in the image is a familiar that can take any form, and usually takes on Jun's to mock the Eternally Ambiguous being.)

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