"I met her in a dream once, or something..."

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"I met her in a dream once, or something..."

Post by Dementuo on Tue Dec 27, 2016 5:48 pm

Name: Refia Crescent
Age: 17
Gender: anime grill
Alignment: Protagonist

Taken Numbers: Number 11 Big Eye
Ace Monster: Scrap Dragon, Magical Erudite Junon, Magical Ascension Knight “The World” (Ascension Sky Dragon reserved)
Deck Type:Magic And Miracles Are Real” - The largest collection of spellbooks and ancient tomes assembled in one place, the great grand archive that is the “Spellbook Tower”. Spells and magic of all sorts are gathered here, granting great strength, firm protection, and even powers that can defy the laws of nature, banishing the living and raising the dead. Magicians both Light and Dark gather to pool their skills together in unison, capable of weathering through any circumstance together. The library’s keeper Junon presides over it all, and the guardian angel titled “The World” watches from a place high above.
Decklist Link

Character Skill: "Change The World" - Once per turn, during either player's turn, you may banish up to two spell cards in your graveyard (At least 1). Then, banish any number of cards you control. At any time during this turn, you may return any card banished by this effect to the field in its original position or to your hand. Monsters returned to the field by this effect cannot attack this turn, and any card banished by this effect returns to the field at the end of the turn. If you banished two spells by this effect, any battle damage you take from direct attacks is halved this turn.

Deck Type: "The Wretched Automatons" - A collection of golems sculpted out of the remains of the past, with new life breathed into them through the power of magic. They constantly break down and fall apart, but their very nature allows them to pull themselves back together and take on new shapes and forms through this process of constant breaking and reforming. By combining in this way, they can become even more powerful and rise to greater heights and tear down even the sturdiest fields.

Do what you must to gather the pieces, scraping them into some semblance of a whole, before they crumble to dust and fade into nothing.

Character Skill (To Develop into): Once per turn, choose a "Scrap" monster in your hand. Destroy it, and draw one card. The monster destroyed by this effect is treated as being destroyed by the effect of a "Scrap" monster.
"Star Alignment Messiah 7" - Once per duel, if you have 3000 or less Life Points: Banish 7 "Scrap" monsters in your graveyard, then target one "Ancient Fairy Dragon" or "Ancient Pixie Dragon" in your graveyard; Return up to 3 cards in your side of the field to your hand, Special summon the targeted monster, then special summon the other from your Extra Deck, it becomes a Tuner monster, and both monsters become level 5. If you Synchro Summon an "Ascension Sky Dragon" this turn, its original attack becomes 2100.

Decklist link

Personality: Refia is a very theatrical and flashy person by nature. She has a flare for the dramatic and a natural affinity for performing in front of an audience. Often will she act in over-the-top ways to make her actions seem far more dramatic and interesting to her viewers than they actually might be, in hopes that she can entertain the crowd thoroughly. She does what she can to keep the act going, putting her all into each and every one of her performances, no matter the circumstance.

She also has a habit of picking up on any given person’s better traits, a result of her incredible foresight. She’ll encourage others to embrace those traits or natural talents and make the most of them, believing that working with your talent to better yourself is one of life’s better qualities, and one of the roads to true happiness. Refia whole-heartedly wishes for those around her to flourish and achieve great things, while she herself takes no shame in showing off her own abilities all the while, having nothing but pride in what she can do.

Refia holds herself as a very intelligent girl, a result of her natural perception and her foresight. While she does hold the ability to see into the future, she also understands that the future can be changed, given enough effort to force such a change (She once foresaw herself fall down a flight of stairs, so she stayed at home in her room the entire day to prevent it.) At times, however, her foresight can cause her to become naive or careless, and she may find herself in a situation far worse than what she had originally predicted. Despite it all, she holds firm in her beliefs that she can still come out on top, beating the odds every time.

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