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Post by Best Girl on Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:42 am

[Insert Picture of Appearance Here]

Name: (First and Last Name)
Age: (pick a reasonable age please)
Gender: (no you cant identify as an attack helicopter)
Alignment: (Protagonist or Antagonist, you must pick one!)

Numbers: (If any, you can start with up to three, and no evolutions.)
Ace Monster: (does not have to be your actual boss)
Deck Description: (Your Deck's Archetypes and how the deck functions needs to be listed here.)
[Link to Deck List]

Character Skill: (This is a special passive or activation skill relative to your character instead of a card. Utilize this to support decks that you feel need help to be playable with a nice passive to fix things. Or give yourself an activation skill that lets you summon an ace or make a big play in an instant. These need to be approved before you try to use them.)

Personality: (I want at least three complete sentences telling me how your character behaves.)

Biography: (Five complete sentences/one full paragraph minimum.)
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