"It actually may surprise you, but I don't like fish sticks"

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"It actually may surprise you, but I don't like fish sticks"

Post by NovaMajor on Tue Dec 27, 2016 7:25 pm

"OK... I like them. But just a little!!"

FrainBreeze. Hehe, get it?

Name: Raymundo "Ray" Fuentes (No one calls him Ray, though. Poor kid).
Age: 17 and a half. Or was it 18?
Gender: Male. He checked. *Fist Bump*
Alignment: Protagonist, or that's what he likes to think.

Numbers: No. 32, No. 47, No. 73
Ace Monster: Bahamut Shark/Number 32: Shark Drake (Number 101 hopefully reserved)
Deck Description: "Deep Sea Attack! Abyss Rising!" - A typical Xyz WATER Deck composed of sea creatures of various races to reflect his love for the unknown seas, being sharks the most prominent ones as they are his favorite animal. There are times when it seems that he knows what he's doing during the duel, but in reality his Deck is quite temperamental. The only strategy that the Deck manages to pull off constantly its swarming the Field with Fish, Sea Serpents and, sometimes, Aqua-Type monsters in order to perform Xyz Summons of Monsters like "Bahamut Shark" or "Tri-Edge Levia". Sometimes it relies on Level manipulation ("Edict of Atlantis"), destruction ("Fishure Charge"), strengthening ("Aqua Jet"), weakening ("Needle Sunfish") and Burn ("Poseidon Wave") cards to survive through the Duel, all of them leading to the common route of overwhelming the opponent through direct and fierce battles. He includes a copy of his trusted Level 8 Monster "Ancient Shark Hyper Megalodon" when everything in his Extra Deck arsenal fails. Also, he likes to yell the name of his Deck before he duels. Yeah, that's weird.

Character Skill: "Compulsory Circulation - Flash Fang" - During your turn, all your Xyz Monsters you control with an Xyz Material attached that was originally WATER gain 500 ATK. During the Main Phase, if your Life Points are 2000 or lower: Detach 2 Xyz Materials attached to an Xyz Monster(s) you control; banish 1 monster your opponent controls. At the end of this turn's Battle Phase, if a monster(s) you control inflicted battle damage to your opponent: You can destroy 1 monster your opponent controls.

Personality: Raymundo thinks of himself as a simple guy, enjoying the life he was given. Coming from a humble household, Raymundo was raised with the most basic of values - Be a good person, help those in need, you know the rest. He tends to show some insecurities when meeting new people, fearing that he won't be able to make friends with anyone. However, when he manages to get close to someone, he will show his loyalty and support by following them to hell and back again if they ask him nicely. Thanks to his mother, he holds the sea and the marvelous creatures living on it as something really precious to him. Oh, and he really, REALLY, hates the stupid joke about the fish sticks.

During Duels, Raymundo shows a sudden boost of confidence that seemingly comes from nowhere. The safety he feels when dueling allows him to show a surprising competitive side of his personality. He is prone to go all out against any opponent he faces, even if said opponent is a newcomer to Duel Monsters. Also, despite being very passionate in his duels, he never forgets that in the end it's just a game, and shouldn't be taken too seriously if he wins or loses... Right?

Biography: One of these days...


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