"If I beat you down, you better not get back up. For your sake."

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"If I beat you down, you better not get back up. For your sake."

Post by Rawkobo on Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:33 am

Name: Victor "Iron Knuckles" Vanderbilt
Age: 34 (what an old fart)
Gender: abs
Alignment: Protagonist

Numbers: Number 39 - Utopia (Utopia support reserved), Number 58 - Burner Visor
Ace Monster: Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King
Deck Description - "A Soul's Fist!!" : A Fire Fist-focused build focused on overwhelming the opponent with raw strength, using Fire Formations as a means of breaking through potential defenses without effort.

Character Skill: WIP (have to test deck first)

Personality: Victor is singlehandedly responsible for the complete annihilation of numerous thugs and gangs in an underground duel fight club. Left for dead as an orphan of a rich family in a shithole of a town, he built his own persona as he grew older, vowing to get revenge on his family and prove his exile from their presence a mistake. He is, at first, the last person you'd expect to have any interest in helping people escape from a cruel fate in Phantasm.

But "Iron Knuckle Vic" isn't that cold-hearted. If anything, it would prove him a better person than his parents if he saved people from their own undoing. Granted, anyone trying to direct him is going to be a mistake, as for the most part, he acts alone. But his intentions are far from problematic if he's aiming to free everyone...right?

While his enormous body and muscles indicate his physical shape is top of line, Victor's mind is far from simple. He is acquainted with a large array of texts, including historical and philosophical texts, as well as some associated with arcane arts. A strong body cannot stay such without a strong mind, after all. This has led to him being acquainted with multiple languages; a useful trait, especially when his opponents are bloodily beaten down by his fists.

Victor's life of solitude has absorbed most possible desires of real friends, let alone a love interest, but this hasn't prevented him from making a few acquaintances worth keeping. Even a lone wolf needs backup from a pack periodically. And maybe, just maybe, Victor's headstrong approach to getting out of Phantasm will lead him to finding a strong heart through others to supplement his strong body and mind.

Biography: WIP


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