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Deck Rules

Post by Best Girl on Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:42 am

- I shouldn't have to say this but keep your deck within a theme of some sort. Don't play Blue-Eyes Red-Eyes Dark Magician Buster Blader because you like the DM Era or something stupid, because the deck makes no sense. Neither does trying to replicate Yugi and Kaiba decks with themes all over the place (Yugi played random shit, Dark Magician, Magician Girls, Slifer, Gandora, Celtic Guard, Kuri Archetype, and more). Failure to comply results in your deck being rejected and you being unable to duel.

- Your decklist must be posted or you won't be allowed to duel. No exception.
- You may only have two copies of any level four or lower monster.
- You may only have one copy of any level five or higher monster.
- You may only have one copy of any Spell Card.
- You may only have one copy of any Trap Card.
- You may only have one copy of any card that goes to your Extra Deck.
- You may only start with three Number Xyz Monsters, and you cannot bypass that limit without development.
- Polymerization/Fusion Substitute can be played at three.

- One Archetype Spell/Trap card may be played at two.
- Archetyped Level Five or higher monsters may be played at two.
- Any card that requires three copies of itself or another card requires three copies of it may be played at 3. Remember, it must SPECIFICALLY name that card, and that does not give you clearance to play cards that can share a name with it. (Ex. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon requires three Blue-Eyes White Dragon, so you may play 3 of the latter. However, Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragon can treat its name as Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but you may not run 3 of it for any reason.)

A plethora of large removal cards in your deck are greatly frowned upon. As is making your deck as optimal as possible to the point of unbeatable or nigh-unbeatable (keep it fun), but you won't be stopped you from playing them (though if I get enough complaints I will nerf you by force). Any card with an evolution is considered Unique, but not necessarily Special. Only one person may have these cards at a time, but they're not going to be plot relevant unless stated otherwise. So, no, Signer Dragons and Duel Dragons are unique and a person may only have one of each, but they are not relevant by any means whatsoever.
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