"The sight of cherry blossoms in the dead of night"

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"The sight of cherry blossoms in the dead of night"

Post by Jello on Fri Dec 30, 2016 3:22 am

Name: Yukiteru Kagawa
Age: 26
Gender: probably not ded boii
Alignment: everyones' favorite scum protag

Ace Monster: Crimson Blader

Deck Description: Tsubame Gaeshi: The beginning of the aftermath, a pyre for the lost souls who were unfortunate enough to never make it out of the world and into Heaven or Hell. Now they reside in an everlasting eternity of homage to their rulers and ancestors who once ruled the land they walked on. They are now bound by oath to create harmony among the dead, and bring the everlasting, inextinguishable flames in the no-longer-beating hearts of the dead to a calm and peaceful cinder. This blaze is what inspires the lost souls to unite under a common banner; the great swords of the youmuu of ancient past. Their blades have dulled, but no longer need that cutting edge it once required in life. The steel of their swords is now culminated by an intense fire.

The deck's potential lies in the ability to utilize the Graveyard efficiently, and make use of Synchro Summoning using materials from the Graveyard instead of just the field. It also has the potential to make banishing an asset, as all Shiranui monsters (save the Tuner) that get banished can activate a secondary effect. One of its other benefits lies in the amount of recycling it can do, most of the materials being sent to the Graveyard, then banished, and then recycled either back to the Deck or Graveyard to repeat the process. It is a boundless resource engine for Synchro Summoning using the Shiranui archetype accompanied by common Zombie-type support.

Character Skill: "Forging the Vorpal Blade" - Once per turn, you may target one Zombie-type Tuner monster in your Graveyard and one or more non-Tuner monsters on the field or in your Graveyard, banish them. Special Summon one Synchro Monster from your Graveyard, or Crimson Blader {Masamune} or Dragocytus Corrupted Nethersoul Dragon {Muramasa} from your Extra Deck, whose levels are equal to the levels of the monsters banished by this skill (This Special Summon is treated as a Synchro Summon). The monster summoned by this skill is now a Zombie-type in addition to its original type. When the monster summoned by this effect is destroyed by battle or card effect, banish it instead. [Dracocytus Corrupted Nethersoul Dragon is subject to evolution]

Personality: Driven once by the honor of his family, Yukiteru is a being who has forsaken the luxuries of "honor" and has become what one might call a reformed Ronin. His interests lie in combat, not for the sake of destroying others or rising to any higher stakes, but simply as a test to his own power. Some call this a foolish and ultimately wasteful desire, but his only counter-claim is that "there is nothing one can claim to be so foolish when we're all damned to a lost cause anyways." From this phrase, it becomes easy to understand that Yukiteru is a pessimist at best, though he claims it's just "morbid realism." His hobbies, despite the main being centered around combat, lie in conversational places. He enjoys swordplay, taught by his parents at a young age as his uncle, his father's step-brother to be exact, owned a dojo that he trained young elites in kendo, as well as other martial arts of the sword. His interests also lie in taste-testing, theoretical reasoning, and often considers himself much more of a mind, then a muscle. Strategy will always be his go-to, knowing when to pick and choose his battles, even if his desires are at an extreme.

Biography: *cough cough wheeze cough* ye soon *wheeze splat cough*


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