"Wet those Pitch-Black Wings" - The Reincarnation

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"Wet those Pitch-Black Wings" - The Reincarnation

Post by Best Girl on Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:11 am

"I am lightning... the rain transformed."

God of War
Let's Just See
Double Action - Sword Form

Name: Kushinada Tsurugi
Age: 18
Gender: anime
Alignment: Main Protagonist

Ace Monster: Assault Black Feather - Raikiri the Sudden Shower/Sky Excalibur (Black-Winged Dragon and Blackfeather Darkrage Dragon reserved)
Deck Type: "Regalia of Black Thunder - Reforged" - A nesting grounds for avian creatures titled by their color - "Blackwing", that pride themselves on a swarm focus with an array of tactics involving effect damage, stat manipulation, field clearing, and massive power gaining. They sport the utility and power to emphasize the level of their great speed, championing Synchro Summon above all to bridge into trump cards. In a storming charge, they sweep away all that is deemed a hindrance with the ace of the Assault Corps: Raikiri. Revival tactics for Raikiri, the Immortal Right Arm are favored with Hawk Joe and Sohaya, more plays come forth with Nothung, and their potential can skyrocket even further with the sword that slices the heavens in twine. An answer to nearly every situation lies within the power of these Dark Attributed heroes, and they can only grow into new ones. Dragons loom over the horizon, the Sky Excalibur has been drawn.
Deck List

Character Skill: "Ultra Violet - Heaven-Earth Thunder" - All your DARK Dragon-Type monsters are always treated as "Blackwing" monsters. At the start of your Standby Phase, if you have 4000 or less Life Points, you may declare "Raimei no Ichigeki" ("One Strike of Lightning"). If you do, during this turn, you can only attack with one monster, and the Special Summon of Synchro Monsters cannot be negated. When you Special Summon a monster, you can discard a card from your hand equip 1 "Sky Excalibur" from your Deck to it (If you have no cards in your hand, you do not have to discard). If your Life Points are 1000 or less, you can equip it from your Graveyard instead. All of your monsters will inflict piercing damage and "Sky Excalibur" cannot be targeted by your opponent's card effects. If your opponent's Life Points are not 0 at the end of this turn, you lose the game. ("Raimei no Ichigeki" is locked until Kusanagi is unlocked.)

Personality: “Now I’m a little motivated!”

A very outwardly rigid or arrogant woman, resulting in incredible social awkwardness. Ambition comes before everything, as does meeting the foe of your steel with honor and respect. Unfortunately, with a mind so keenly focused on battle and goals, having a casual conversation is… a tad bit more than “difficult”. It’s not that she goes out of her way to belittle others, not boastful enough to the point of making others sick to their stomachs. Kushinadahime is simply prideful in her skill, and brags appropriately while also addressing others with due credit. Less as friends, more as acquaintances in metal. Your best bet to get her attention is to fight her, talk about Japanese steel, or Shintoism in general.

... You wouldn’t believe she’s actually a huge weeb.

The ice cold demeanor of the swordswoman melts over instantaneously when she starts blabbing about anime, manga, swords, Japanese mythos, anything she likes. If she actually opens up to you that far, you’ll wish she didn’t. Holds a GRAND fascination for any kind of hero or rival with a cool catchphrase and any kind of blade for a main weapon. This definitely extends to video games to the point where one would have to question how she can be so seriously focused on life when she exists in an entirely different plane from man when these topics come up. Yes, it is to the point of creepy at times, drooling over most doujins, encouraging ships of homosexual variety. Others around her wonder how she has no Tumblr blog, but the twist is she does. Sadly, knowledge of this getting out would mean a fate akin to death: Social suicide.

Outwardly persona aside, the truth of the matter is no matter what: Kushina is a power hungry warmonger who will prioritize a kill over a save. Fulfilling ambition comes before loved ones, even if she were to vow to safeguard their lives with her own. A bit of hypocritical philosophy on being true to yourself, accepting your bloody nature how she has. However, she doesn’t allow the world knowledge of her love for anime, which deems her inspirational and encouraging statement somewhat hollow. Also believes everyone should carry weapons on them, she likes to live dangerously, as nobody gets anywhere living safely. Even weirder, she shows a little more interest in people only if they're younger than her, desiring a legion of underclassmen following her march to whatever godforsaken Hell anime has taught her about. When you get close enough to her heart, she lets her guard down and acts more like a goofball than a violent banshee.

Considers Susanoo, Amaterasu and Takemikazuchi the only other divinities left she can trust. Refers to her cards and powers as multiple swords.

Biography: uhhh... lemme get back to you on that coach
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