"Youth Of The Azure Rose"

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"Youth Of The Azure Rose"

Post by MugenStrife on Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:51 am

"The truth is written in Darkness"

Name: Mugen Dokuma
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Alignment: Antagonist
Ace Monster:Starve Venom Fusion Dragon(Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon-Developed into)
Deck Type: Predator Plants with Dark/Plant Support, Summoning His Ace Monster time and again to crush his enemy's with unstoppable might.
Youth Of The Thorny Forest

Character Skill: Scattered Petals:"Once per turn, five times per duel, you can place a Predator Counter on one of your opponent's monsters. Blossoming Rose:After using this skill five times, you may choose two Predaplant Fusion cards in your graveyard or banished zone and return them to your extra deck.
Passive Skill:Trail Of Petals:Upon defeating and opponent in a duel Mugen prematurely places one of his petals on them, and using that petal he is able to track them over a certain distance.Wilted Rose:The petal however can only be remove after defeating Mugen in a duel.

Personality:"Beauty Is Power And All Power Sprouts From Darkness"

Mugen Dokuma Is a Lazy and Cold Individual, Often will he ignore his orders to lazy about or get distracted from dong his "Actual Work". Yet at times when his life is on the line, there is no opponent more Dangerous to face than him. Cold and ruthless in battle the once lazy nature becomes a thing of the past and a sadistic and dark personalty is was is revealed.

Bio: Waking up from a nap at the local park, Mugen was confused and troubled by the chaotic look of the city. Trying to avoid the chaos Mugen attempted to leave several times, only to find himself back in the city. After wandering for hours Mugen found himself in a bad situation, he was surrounded by a group of "Husks" who believed him to be "Easy Prey" and raising their duel disks, challenged him to a group duel. Mugen attempted to back out and leave, however his attempt was to no avail, as the group had cut off all escape paths. In this dark situation a feeling began to overcome Mugen, as his face which once housed a look of dread, now house a look of joy."You called me...Prey". Mugen said with a smug look as he raised his duel disk."Lets see who is the True Prey and who is the True Hunter.". After 2 hours and a fierce duel, the group of Husks ran in fear leaving one of their comrades behind. The remaining Husk looked at Mugen, his face full of fear and despair."I've taken pieces of your friends.....but am still hungry, mind being my desert. Mugen said with a sadistic smile as he forced the husk into several duels against his will. After several duels the Husk was completely drained. Sighing in boredom Mugen went towards the nearest abandon building and to a nap (like the lazy fuck he is). It wasn't long after that event that Mugen learned of Conduit and that if he beat him he'd have a chance at freedom." So what.....It doesn't matter if we live or die, I just want to sleep. Mugen spoke with a yawn." Though the hunt might be fun, I might get to meet strong duelists". With these words Mugen began his journey around the city with only two desires, Strong opponents and Naps.


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