The Warrior gazing upon the Stars

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The Warrior gazing upon the Stars

Post by Mimmo1993 on Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:53 am

Name: Hoshikuzu Yummo
Alignment: Protagonist

Ace Monster:Stardust Dragon
Deck Description: Synchron Pendulum Warrior deck the combination of the Synchron/Junk archetype and the aid of the Empowered and Symphonic Warrior archetype alongside low level monsters to support and synchro summon into more powerfull synchro monsters or stepping stone lower level synchros the deck also has a tendancy to utilize spells and traps to support both his higher level synchro monsters or his lower level main deck monsters slowly working its way to higher level synchro summons.

Deck profile:
(Side deck is purely developmental card ideas for later)

Character Skill: Fine Tuning
"Once per Turn, when you successfully synchro summon, draw 1 card.
Once per duel, During your turn you may activate this effect, and if you do reveal and add 1 "Synchron" Tuner monster from your deck to your hand and shuffle, if you do, send the top cards of your deck to the graveyard equal to the level of the added monster."

Personality: Yummo is a kind and caring duelist wanting to help those around him. it truly pains him when forced to inflict harm to others and tries to mask his pain through his passion to duel. He tends to get protective of those around him that hes come to know wanting to better himself for their sake.
Yummo also tends to have a large soft spot for lower level monsters and holds his ace monster and Junk warrior one of his first cards especially prescious to him

Bio: In his youth Yummo was a resident of Phantasm and grew up in the orphanage never able to properly attend school, however during those days the only thing he had was his deck and his Junk Warrior whom alongside he kept bullies off the backs of local kids to the point he was called the Scapr Fist Kid. Around 9years of age however a distant relative found Yummo and took him into his custody moving him away from Phantasm.
In his time away he learned of Pendulum Monsters and became a turbo duelist and gained small fame under the title the Stardust Warrior enjoying his schooling and dueling in his new home but upon reaching the age of 18 he decided to return to the town he once called home  leaving the small fame he accumulated and using the money from the odd jobs he worked to keep afloat when he arrives back in Phantasm. Seeking bonds he was forced to leave behind and the bonds he missed out on by leaving town he returns with a gentle breeze he cant wait to start his new life, but saddly not all things turn out as planned and he got caught up in the events that now prevent him from escaping Phantasm


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