White Legend: Nashiro Yuusha

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White Legend: Nashiro Yuusha

Post by ZanKisaragi on Tue Dec 27, 2016 5:59 am

"Black and White"
"A Stranger I Remain"
"Hakaishin - The White Dragon" (Ace Monster Summon)

Name: Nashiro Yuusha
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Alignment: Protagonist

Numbers: Number 46, Number 38, Number 107
Ace Monster: Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Deck Description: Summoning the infamous white dragon to dominate the competition with many of his supporters, abilities, and forms.
[Link to Deck List]: http://ygophantasm.board-directory.net/t21-legendary-white#22

Character Skill: Ultimate Dragon: If a Level/Rank 8 or higher LIGHT Dragon-Type Monster(s) is summoned to your side of the field: Once per turn, you may add 1 LIGHT Tuner Monster from your deck to your hand. (You cannot summon or activate effects of monsters with the same name as the added monster until the end of this turn.) Then, if the summoned monster(s) was summoned from the Extra Deck, their summon cannot be negated and until the end of your opponent's next turn, those summoned monster(s) cannot be targeted by your opponent's card effects (This skill may only be used once per duel.). In addition, if you have lower LP than your opponent, all monsters your opponent controls can only attack the summoned monster(s) with the highest ATK.

Personality: "In order to move forward, one must evolve."

Nashiro is very calm, reserved, likes to observe before taking action. He doesn't waste time on the minor, trivial notes and gets straight to business. He doesn't hesitate to speak his mind on an issue, or to point things out that everyone has clearly overlooked. Nashiro is also observant of the little things, however, whether he chooses to point them out or not, depends on it's relevance to his agendas. He comes off as very elitist and distant from others, but, they're not wrong: he is in a class of his own. Making effective strategies and taking precautions to limit the enemies actions and eliminate all threats, so on and so forth. Even when plan A has failed, Mr. Yuusha has already prepared plans B, C, and then even D. Because of his expertise, Nashiro willingly volunteers himself to help others, namely allies, improve so that they don't get left behind (that and to learn how they function. Sneaky bastard.) He can be nice at certain times, but don't expect it, the most you'll get is a look and then he returns to his thoughts or point of interest, mostly thoughts though. However, he'll never lose his cool.

Biography: I'll provide this in the roleplay.

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