The Magician of Mischief

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The Magician of Mischief

Post by Naruhi on Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:25 pm

Name: Naruhi Sakata
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Alignment: Antagonist

Ace Monster: Dark Magician
Deck Description: Dark Magician/ The deck revolves around summoning Dark Magician and controlling the opponent's field in various ways.
Mischief Abound

Character Skill: The Wonders of Mischief
The Show Will Continue - Once per turn, during either player's battle phase, by discarding a spell/trap card from hand and banishing a spellcaster monster from your graveyard, one of your spellcaster monsters can gain 500 attack and defense points until the end of the battle phase or one of your spellcaster monsters cannot destroyed by battle or card effects until the end of the battle phase. When your life points are 4000 or lower, The Show Will Continue activates from banishing a card from the graveyard.  The Last Trick - At the start of your main phase, when your life points are at least 1500 life points or lower, if you have 1 or less monsters on the field, reveal your hand, if you have nothing but Spell and Trap cards, banish two level 7 or higher spellcaster monsters from your graveyard or field and special summon one level 8 or higher spellcaster monster from your deck, graveyard or banished zone, ignoring summoning conditions.

Personality: Naruhi is a fun loving guy who likes to travel around. He performs tricks for those who are willing and not willing to watch. He does what he wants and what is interesting to him at the time. If something begins to annoy or bore him, he will proceed to remove it from his sight as quickly as possible.

Biography: Naruhi always liked magic from a young age and enjoyed magic shows growing up, loving how the magicians found new ways to entertain the crowd. Inspired by this enjoyment, Naruhi practiced magic as he got older, hoping to also be able to bring joy to those who saw his tricks. However, around the time he turned 16, he went on a trip to Phantasm with his parents, not knowing of the evils within at the time. After eventually learning about the horrible trap within, he still held hope for trying to bring some luck to this dark abyss of a town but the evil was just a bit too strong. Naruhi would end up in duels as a result of trying to cheer up someone and would inevitably lose at first because he never wanted to hurt anyone. His feelings changed after the fourth loss, something left him that caused him to stop caring about those other than himself. He would continue performing tricks to see other people's reaction, it amused him to an extent but overall, it was all about what entertained him at the end of the day. He would mercilessily duel people who didnt amuse him and as they lose part of their souls, he would laugh and walk off. As a result of this change, he would be one of the more above average "Husk" roaming around town but be warned, depending on his mood, you can either be in for a fun time or a horrible one.


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