Plot Synopsis: Of Husks and Souls~

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Plot Synopsis: Of Husks and Souls~

Post by Kalulu~ on Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:22 pm

The world as we knew it, is gone now. Faded and warped into what we have today.

This city is known as Phantasm, a concrete jungle created by man far before the crisis known as "The Limbo Projects" brought a horrific entity into our world. Purgatory, and the Duelist he has chosen has his host now roam the streets hunting for more souls to join him as apart of his body, furthering his power. His presence alone shifted something about the city, one being for some reason no one is able to leave. Once people reach the city limits, they black out and end up in the center of town once more with no recollection of being there. The second change is that once people actually duel, the loser doesn't just lose a game anymore. They lose apart of their soul. After realizing this officials in of the city dubbed all residents as "Husks" for they have ample chance to lose their soul entirely. As the days went on, these other more powerful "Husks" began to believe they were more powerful then the Conduit or Purgatory himself. As such, they began to think of themselves almost as gods among their fellow citizens. Out of all of this darkness however, a little light of hope shines through. People slowly discovered that the veil that keeps all within the city limits is tied directly to the Conduit, almost as if he were keeping his "prey" within a small area for him to find easily. Furthermore, its believe if someone can defeat him, and take the soul of Purgatory himself, they would earn the freedom of not only themselves but the entire city of Phantasm as well. Now only one question remains, will you work toward your own freedom or will you lose yourself in the hunt.  


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