"Open Up The Heavens Above"

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"Open Up The Heavens Above"

Post by Mysterious Bird Dragon on Thu Dec 29, 2016 8:01 pm

Name: Sein Hikalen
Age: 17
Gender: Rescue Helicopter
Alignment: Pwotagonist

Numbers: None initially (Number 62: Prime Photon Dragon and Number 95: Dark Matter Dragon reserved for development)
Ace Monster: Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon
Deck Description: "Radiant Wings of Mystery" - A deck that blends the archetypes of "Galaxy" and "Cipher" to summon forth various Rank 8 and 4 Xyz monsters, with significant search capabilities.  The deck is also filled with a variety of spell and trap cards, one for almost every occasion.  They primarily support having multiple copies of a single monster on the field, something the ace monster of the deck, Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon, takes advantage of with its ability to take control of an opponent's monster and turn it into another copy of itself.
Deck List

Character Skill: "Last Radiance - Heaven-Shattering Roar" - All of your "Cipher" cards are also treated as "Galaxy" cards and all of your "Galaxy" cards are also treated as "Cipher" cards.  At the beginning of your main phase, if your lifepoints are less than 3000, you may banish one "Galaxy-Eyes" Xyz Monster from your graveyard and destroy all monsters you control. If you do, Special Summon one "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" from your hand, deck, or graveyard and it gains attack points equal to half of the original attack points of the monsters destroyed by this skill. You cannot special summon for the rest of this turn. This skill can only be activated once per duel.

Personality: Sein is an...  Odd person, to say the least.  He's incredibly awkward in just about any situation, but not in a stereotypical stuttering nerd way.  In a way that he just doesn't seem to know social rules.  He'll blurt out anything that comes to mind, regardless of whether or not its appropriate, has absolutely no concept of personal space, and will say incredibly rude things without even realizing that they're rude.  He's very straightforward and nonchalant about any kind of personal interaction that doesn't involve a game, and has a tendency to give people nicknames that they will forever be stuck with when interacting with him.

Some of Sein's favorite activities are puzzles and mysteries, really anything complicated that requires observation.  Thanks to this, he has an incredible eye for detail.  For example, he could probably tell you a woman's cup size after just a moment of looking at it, or pull a sherlock and give you a rundown of your recent life and a full psychoanalysis except with a smile on his face, not realizing if he's said anything wrong or not.  He has an insatiable curiosity and really enjoys learning about things, and sometimes people too if they intrigue him enough.

It's incredibly hard to upset him, he seems to be able to take just about anything in stride, often even laughing off genuine insults thinking of them as a joke.  But if you do somehow manage to upset him, well, let's just say you are in for a baaaad time.  Sein will become an incredibly dangerous and vengeful person, cruel and sadistic.  He's nonchalant and casual demeanor, even the fun nicknames he gives people, are thrown out the window and replaced by a "smiling" anger.  This could be considered his "true suppressed self," a smiling demon of destruction and vengeance desiring to wipe away anything in his path.  Friends and foes lose meaning when he's like this until he is somehow calmed down.

(i'll probably expand further later)

Biography: Gib a few million years pls

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