"The Burning Queen" Rose Blaise

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"The Burning Queen" Rose Blaise

Post by ZetsubouIdoruDahlia on Tue Dec 27, 2016 6:20 pm

Name: Rose Blaise
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Alignment: Protag

Ace Monster: Hot Red Dragon Archfiend
Deck Description: The Queen's Soul - The deck utilize the Wyrm monsters "Yang Zing" to perform Synchro Summon with added benefits for the Synchro Monster. Rose specifically prefers to bring out her ace monster, "Hot Red Dragon Archfiend" with these added benefits.

Character Skill: Her Majesty's Hot Soul - "Hot Red Dragon Archfiend" monsters has their name treated as "Red Dragon Archfiend." Once a turn, target a "Red Dragon Archfiend" monster in your Graveyard. Banish the proper Synchro Materials from your side of the field, then Special Summon the targeted monster. (This is treated as a Synchro Summon)

Personality: Rose is charming, friendly and a flirt to the teachers and popular kids. For the rest, she is a a huge bitch. She will top any competition to keep her status as most popular, no matter how she has to and she isn't beneath shaming her opponents for their loss. However she secretly longs for a true friend. Someone who can accept her bitchiness...or break her out of the cold shell.

Biography: Rose was your average looking tomboy child. She had no special traits she would say is beautiful or stands out. Yet this never phased her during her childhood. She would focus on playing games and beating the boys in everything they said a girl couldn't do. The boys however  began bullying her and saying she was not a girl but a boy and she never will have any real friends. She had did her best to never pay any attention to the bullying but as the years went by, it slowly ate at her. When she finally started highschool, Rose had grown from the tomboy child to a beautiful teen. She had changed her outfit style, her manner of walking, speaking, even her personality.

Rose was happy. Boys wanted to date her, girls either admiring her or envying her wanted to be 'friends' with this new Rose, and some teachers gave her special treatment. Rose had become the most popular girl of her generation area. No longer did they treat her or call her a boy. Rose even began to top through the popular Duel Monster game, becoming the top duelist in her school. Eventually Rose was called the "Burning Queen". She was determined to keep herself the top girl in her high school.  But this slowly began to eat away at Rose. She knew deep down, despite all the fame and popularity, she didn't have that one thing she longed for since a child. A real friend. But she couldn't stop now. Rose was too into her popularity to attempt to gain one.

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