The Dark Wings Of Chaos

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The Dark Wings Of Chaos

Post by MugenStrife on Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:25 pm

Casual Form:

Duel Form

Battle Theme: Dark Dragon Decent

Victory Song: Contract Complete

Name:Amai Josuke
Age: ???
Gender: Antag
Alignment: Antagonist

Deck:Wings Of Darkness
Ace Monster: Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Deck Description: Red-Eyes and a combination of Dark/Dragon Support.

Character Skill: Contract With The Dark Dragon:When you summon a Red-Eyes monster of level five or higher you may add one Red-Eyes Spell card from your Graveyard to your hand [Except cards activated during the current turn].Dark Deceit When a Red-Eyes monster is destroyed by battle or card effect you may gain a Ritual Counter. After you gain five counters are gained, choose one Red-Eyes Monster in your graveyard and your opponent takes damage equal to half its attack points.

Personalty: Josuke is a cool headed guy who at most times prefers to talk things out then fight. However don't let his kind persona fool you, behind it lies a cool and ruthless hunter.

Bio: Unlike most people in the city Amai Josuke kindly accepted the the changes that occurred throughout the city. Like many he hunted and collected many souls, however over time he began to question the purpose behind these duels. It was not long before he discovered the exists of the conduit and desired freedom from the city. However while roaming the city he fell short on his luck and was defeated in a duel and lost a piece of his soul. After his defeat a feeling began to overcome him as this was his first loss."....I need more power", he spoke and soon he discovered the power of a Dark Dragon and formed a contract with it. Now he he wonders the city in search of sacrifices to the Dark Dragon.


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